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Past Events

The Art of Longevity 
Kaoru Iguchi

April 2021

Tutor Kaoru Iguchi shared with us her secrets of longevity and well-being.

Longevity workshop-2.jpg
Traditional Māori Healing Workshop
Ruatau Perez, Te Maurea

In May 2020, Te Maurea Traditional Māori Healing ran the Level One Mirimiri & Romiromi Introduction & Philosophies wānanga workshop at our centre. It is the first of a four level certification course as a Mirimiri + Romiromi Practitioner. For more information about the course, please visit their website.

Heart, Health + Nature II
Alice Ng, Fiona Willson + Jude Derksen

Autumn 2019

A well-being event focusing on natural healing. We were honoured to have naturopath Fiona Willson giving us a talk on using native plants for healing and boosting of our immune systems.

Custom Herbal Tea Making - 
Revitalise Body & Mind
Joi Tea - Kohei Iguchi

March 2021

Our inaugural customised herbal tea making workshop, in partnership with Joi Tea.. During the workshop we looked into ways to boost the mind and body via herbal remedy.

Artists Open Studio 2019
Helen Wong, Ade Teo + Alice Ng

Spring 2019

Our annual open studio event in partnership with Open Studios Waitakākere.