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Our Story

The Spreading Tree (TST) is a family-owned business dedicated to culture and arts. Our main inspiration derives from the history of the Lim family, the nature, and the cultural diversity of our beautiful city - Auckland, New Zealand. Our philosophy is to bring people closer to nature and spread cultural knowledge. 

TST Lifestyle, based in Titirangi, is a division of TST which specialises in providing tours, retreats and workshops. Through our variety of events, we wish to promote inner wellness, and also to showcase the unique bush living environment in West Auckland.


Our Tutors



Alice completed the Master in Art Management at AUT in 2012, and has been working in the arts sector for the last 8 years. She is also an art educator and a practising artist specialising in photography and participatory art. She has been practicing meditation & pilates since 2010. She has hosted various wellness event and also private classes.



Ade graduated from Taiwan University with a degree in Forest Protection in 2014. Later he returned to Malaysia's Danum Valley to participate in the study of Malayan wild bears. In 2019, Ade obtained a Master degree from Taiwan Pingtung University's Wild Animal Protection Research Centre. Since then he has worked in various research centres. He also has a background in Boy Scouts, Tai Chi & standing Qi Gong.